My school is using the MarvellousMe School Pack. How do I get started?

Good news, you will not need to do any setup or upkeep yourself, or manage your parent join code letters. 

Your school office will give you your login details and will assign you to all the classes and groups that you want to use MarvellousMe we. If you can't see any classes in your app yet, just ask the office to assign them to you.

The school administrator can also print off the parent join code letters for you, and even send parents reminders.

Once you download the app on to your tablet and/or log in to MarvellousMe via the website, you can change your password and start posting activities, awarding badges and sending messages home immediately.

You can add and edit your activity and badge categories, see and print your parent join codes if you wish, and create table/sub-groups.

Watch a walk-through video here, and get bast practise tips here.



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    mra tracey clarke

    Seems fairly plain sailing once we'd logged in so now we look forward to seeing kids doing what they enjoy x