Why school leaders should use the MarvellousMe School Pack.

MarvellousMe is the premium solution for leaders who want to engage every parent and drive a positive school culture.

  1. The MarvellousMe School Pack enables a school to setup and maintain MarvellousMe centrally. This helps to ensure that everything is always up-to-date and takes away any setup or upkeep from teachers.
  2. The MarvellousMe School Pack makes it easy to add classes, learning groups, Houses and clubs, and assign multiple teachers, assistants and support cover to them.
  3. The MarvellousMe School Pack makes it easy to set up head teachers, senior leaders and specialists to use the MarvellousMe app in specific classes or across the whole school. This makes it easy for them award badges to children whenever they see positive behaviours, or to send a message to parents in specific groups, or school-wide.
  4. The MarvellousMe School Pack provides powerful insight into the school's parent engagement success and it's teacher-parent activity. It helps school leaders to ensure best practise, keep continuity and evidence its impact to governors and inspectors.