Why teachers should use MarvellousMe.

MarvellousMe is essentially 3 systems in one simple app. It's a plenary aid, a powerful praise system and a proven way to engage parents.

It delivers many benefits, including:

  1. MarvellousMe will engage parents and help them to better support their children's learning and development. This will have a big impact on children's happiness, behaviour and motivation, and lead to better outcomes.
  2. MarvellousMe is a simple tool to support plenaries and consolidate learning, with children knowing that their parents are being told positive news at the same time.
  3. MarvellousMe is a powerful praise system, with parental pride being a strong motivator for continued success. Teachers can also use it as a points system, linking it to any certificates, prizes or rewards, or even alongside an existing merit programme to bring in a fresh parental engagement dimension.
  4. MarvellousMe is a very fast way to communicate with parents. Teachers can inform all parents about their children’s day in seconds. It’s much easier than trying to meet everyone in person, cuts down on emails, is quicker and more personal than updating a website or blog, and uses technology that everyone enjoys.