How do I use the MarvellousMe parent app?

MarvellousMe is designed to be easy and fun for all ages and specifically for parents and children to look at together. It will help children realise that you are connected with their teacher.

If you have the MarvellousMe parent app on your smartphone or tablet you will get instant alerts every time your child's teacher posts an activity, awards your child a badge, or send you a message. 

By tapping on the Activity and Badge icons, you can see what your child has been learning and what the teacher has praised them for. This makes it easy to have more meaningful family conversations about school, practise topics together and say 'well done' and reinforce their hard word and good behaviour.

You can 'Hi5' teachers to say 'thank you' for keep you regularly informed, share your updates with family and friends, and invite partners, grandparents and carers to sign up to the MarvellousMe parent app too. They will then get the same instant alerts and wonderful news. 

See a walkthrough of the app, or please visit our home page