How does MarvellousMe work?

MarvellousMe has been designed around the following principles:

  • To engage parents with positive news, at the right time and in an exciting way.
  • To be fast and fun for teachers to use with the children and to make a difference in the classroom. 
  • To provide school leaders with everything they need to ensure that parent engagement is effective, consistent, sustainable and easy to evidence.

MarvellousMe is incredibly simple. The magic happens when parents become more actively involved in their children's education and families have more meaningful conversations about school.

1. Teachers post activities, award badges and send messages to individuals, groups or the whole class. 

  • Activities tell parents what their children are learning. They can just be lesson topics, or include comments, home tips, photos, videos and voice clips. MarvellousMe caps teachers' comments at 200 characters, keeping it quick and light-touch.
  • Badges recognise achievements, learning and character skills such as hard work and curiosity. Teachers award them for anything that they want and can add a personal comment to each one. MarvellousMe is a powerful merit system, with parental recognition being a strong motivator for continued success.
  • Messages and reminders can be broadcast to all parents or sent to specific people.

2. Parents are notified instantly through their MarvellousMe app every time that their child’s teacher posts an activity, awards their child a badge, or sends a message home. This enables them to:

  • Stay in touch with their child's day and enjoy their learning journey as it happens.
  • Support their child's learning by having more meaningful conversations with them about school and practising topics together.
  • Celebrate and reinforce their child's success and positive behaviour. Parent pride is one of life's most powerful motivators and MarvellousMe makes it easy for parents to say 'well done' and to encourage their children to keep up the good work.

In the MarvellousMe parent app, parents can 'Hi5' teachers to say 'thank you' for keeping them up-to-date. MarvellousMe does not allow parents to message teachers back, so not risking them to inbox overload. 

Parents can also add other children to their app, providing their teacher is also using MarvellousMe, and they can easily share their app with trusted family and friends.

You can find walk-through videos for the teachers and parents on our homepage.