Why is MarvellousMe important?

MarvellousMe is highly recommended by experts and school leaders to help teachers to engage parents in their children's learning, and to help families to enjoy better conversations about school.

Parent engagement and at-home support has the biggest impact on a child's learning and character development, especially during primary school years.

  • MarvellousMe inspires parents to take an active interest in their children's learning.
  • MarvellousMe helps families to talk more meaningfully about their children's learning and to practise topics together.
  • MarvellousMe helps families to celebrate their children's good work and reinforce the positive behaviours that teachers are encouraging and praising in class.
  • Children are happier, more confident and motivated, and behave better when they know that their parents and teachers are connected, and that their parents are receiving positive news about their school day.
  • MarvellousMe saves teachers time, helps them to maintain a strong and enjoyable teaching and learning environment, and gets better outcomes.
  • MarvellousMe is a whole school solution to parent engagement that is consistent, continuous and measurable. It makes it easy for schools to evidence their success to governors and inspectors.