What is MarvellousMe

MarvellousMe is a simple solution that helps teacher and parents to improve children's learning and character development.

As well as offering many classroom benefits, MarvellousMe makes it easy and fun for teachers to share wonderful new with parents about their children's activities and achievements, and for parents to provide better at-home support and motivation.

There are 3 parts to MarvellousMe:

  • The MarvellousMe teacher app. Teachers use this to consolidate learning, praise behaviour and engage parents at the same time. It's very fast and perfect to use as an everyday classroom tool. Teachers love using it to support plenaries.
  • The MarvellousMe parent app. Parents get exciting alerts every time that teachers post a learning activity, award their child a badge or send a message home. These snippets of information help parents to stay in touch with their children's school day and supercharge great family conversations about school. The app is easy to use, fun to show children and can be safely shared with other family members.
  • The MarvellousMe School Pack. Whilst teachers can use MarvellousMe on their own, successful parental engagement demands a whole school approach that is fair, consistent and continuous. The School Pack delivers this. It's an online administration, management and reporting portal that makes it easy to roll the MarvellousMe teacher app out across the school, with control and visibility of its success. As well as taking away any teacher set-up and upkeep, the School Pack delivers many whole school benefits. You can find these here.